Sunday, 11 December 2016

Panorama - Up in the air

Name of the movie - Up in the air

Copilot. The word used by George Clooney to make the bridegroom come out of his cold feet on the day of his wedding. Seriously? Copilot!
Picturesque clouds and the top-view of cities welcomes you to view it from - Up in the air

As the movie progresses the protagonist makes us believe that we are carrying a backpack filled with commitment. He realises that there is more to life when his beautiful and smart colleague  (Ana kendrick) confronts him.

But......  A shock awaits..  Is it too early or too late to reveal his feelings for Vera Farmiga

At the end, you feel your heart is a bit heavier than before...
Enjoy the show...

Panorama - The ugly truth

Ugly truth starts with the TRP ratings, and the extremes taken to popularise a TV show.

A career oriented girl - Abby played by Katherine Heigl, is a control freak. The scene where she is on a date (well prepared ;-)), shows her preparedness.
Mike (Gérard Butler), the anchor of a popular show reveals her, the ugly truth of what the men are after.
True! It is the ugly truth!

Mike disguises Abby to a person who she is not. Colin (Eric winter) falls for Abby.
Is it good to live a dual life?
Will she not get suffocated?
Time to reveal the truth of who and what she is. Will she continue the relationship with Colin? What about the unspoken love of Mike?

Watch it to feel the love in Mike's (Gérard Butler) eyes towards (Katherine Heigl).

Friday, 22 May 2015

The intruder

Scary sound woke me up. I could feel the presence of an intruder.
Rubbing my eyes while trying to come out of my sleep, with shivering hands and sweat sliding down my temple, with-in a whisker I grabbed my weapon.
Knelt down to my knees and hid behind the sofa with the weapon in my hand and the target on my mind.
Waiting for a move from the intruder so that I can strike back. Opportunity arrived and my first hit wounded the intruder.
Slowly peeping out of my hideout, I could see that the intruder was battling for life.
Suddenly I put a vessel above it, so that I can sleep peacefully.

Can you guess who the intruder was and what the weapon was ?

Monday, 6 April 2015


Just born, young or old She strives to be in the race not only to succeed but to prove that she is worth it. She is YOU. She is ME. She is any other WOMAN.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Are we being human ?

"Pay the fine and take the receipt, else you have to accompany us to the nearest police station”, a harsh voice by the ticket inspector, got me goose-bumps.

Pity, these words were for the girl sharing the seat beside me in a government public transport bus. she tore her purse open in despair, only to find it had less money. Embarrassed and upset, tears rolled down her cheeks.
She did not have the total amount to be paid as fine. As a courtesy towards humanity, I helped her with a part of the fine.

My joy knew no bounds, just because I had helped a person in need.

When was the last time you helped a needy ? In today's busy lives, are we being human ?

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Culture misunderstood

My client, a French lady visited our office. She was assigned a work place/cubicle next to my colleague Deepak. When he was about to rise from his chair he accidentally touched her leg with his feet. According to Indian culture, we tell sorry by touching them with fingers and those fingers back to eyes. He did the same. The French lady complained to the manager,"the guy who sits beside me first touched me with his leg, later on he took a step ahead and touched me with his fingers". :-o :-)